Best of Both Worlds - A Van Halen Tribute Logo, The Look, The Attitude, The Sound, The Fun
James Alcock on Vocals James Alcock - Vocals
James also fronts HELL N BACK-The Canadian AC/DC Tribute, as well as the 80's Metal Tribute ROCK GODS, Hell N Back and Enchanter. Past projects include Powerage AC/DC Tribute, and the original Indie bands Theze Daze and RGB One Break... coming up!...
Serge Savoie on Drums Serge Savoie - Drums
Serge has toured internationally with acclaimed GNR tribute band Gunz N FN Rosez, is also is a member of Hysteria and Notorious. Past projects include: Tribute Bands: 5150, Yankee Rose, Still Of the Night, Shine, Ghost in the Machine, Rock of Ages and Sweet as Wine.
Davey Meraszka on Guitar Davey Meraska - Guitar
Frank has been a Producer, Song Writer, Composer, Arranger, Engineer, Studio Musician and creator of Guitar Fight Club. Past projects include: Howler, Cozy Ozone, Boardwalk, Swingin Richards, Zabeth D'Kos, Tribute Bands: 5150, Yankee Rose, Pride and Joy, Rattle and Hum, Mix Webster.
Gary Smith on Bass (Slappa da Bass) Gary Smith - Bass
Gary also fronts Notorious (Duran Duran tribute) as well as Hystria (Def Leppard tribute). Past projects include police tribute "ghost in the machine" as well as numerous top-40 bands including "North of Here".